Saturday, December 09, 2006


Yesterday saw me giggling at the Parade Theatre (NIDA) Kensington, along with the who's who of Australian TV and theatre. We were there to see a rehearsed reading performance of THE ATTACK OF THE GRANNY BOOMERS. Written by renowned comedy writer John McKellar ("A Cup Of Tea, A Bex, and a Good Lie Down" , "...but I wou;dn't want to Live There" and many other Phillip St Theatre Productions, music by Jim Wallett and Musical Director Greg Crease.

There's something nice about trucking off to the Thee-ay-tur at 2:30pm on a Saturday. I was goggle eyed at my favourite stars..Michael Craig, the gorgeous Tina Bursill (does she age?) Victoria Nicholls (who clearly doesn't either)Ditto Toni Lamond and Margaret Fink,oh and Andrew McFarlane. The case was Saskia Smith (fresh from Bell Shakespeare, gee she was fabulous) Rick Lau...never seen him before but he was fresh and magical, sings as well as he acts and that's saying something. John Derum, Tony Taylor, Jane Harders, Nancye Hayes, and Maggie Dence were the cast of this funny funny piece about a group of seniors at at Retirement Village on the Leafy North Shore. McKellar is a funny man, and I have to say that because he's written my show THE ELLA BRICK ROAD, coming to a stage next year. Crease on the piano was marvellous, and I have to say that too because he wrote the music for my show.

Yesterday's performance was to attract investors/backers/producers. The usual suspects. I thought it was fabulous. I loved it. Send your money to THE GREY POWER MUSICAL or call 0439 672 213.

Later, I was at the Statement Cabaret Lounge to see the final production of the year. STOCKING STUFFERS AND TURKEY PLUCKERS. Andrew Benson is clearly a talented performer. And if you think I love everything I see, I don't, but I really don't want to become a critic. That doesn't mean you should hold back though. What did you think/

Where do you go to see Cabaret in Sydney?
Write soon, love to know what you like to hear about in Sydney!

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