Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cabaroke! Tonight!

Welcome to the Statement Lounge! One of the greatest new ventures to come out of Sydney in aaaaaages! We love the Statement Lounge, every week, new and fabulous entertainment in a smallish venue with well priced snacks and wine. We will be keeping you up to date with the latest at the Lounge......

For example!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to STATEMENT CABAROKE - a great way to unwind at the end of the week.CABAROKE (accent on the E) is a double whammy - for singers, a chance to perform in front of an audience; and for cabaret lovers, a chance to enjoy the wealth of great talent on offer and maybe to ‘discover’ a star of tomorrow.So come along early, relax in our comfy couches, have a drink, something to eat and enjoy a sampling of talent, from established performers (including some from the pick of shows in town) to the next hot thing. If you want to perform, we’ll have a resident pianist on hand as well as a comprehensive pile of sheet music if you don’t want to BYO. STATEMENT CABAROKE will be hosted by TAA’s own Tyran Parke, and kicks off on FRIDAY 3 NOVEMBER at 8pm.Entry just $15 at the door or a mere $5 if you’re going to perform.CABAROKE is OPEN TO ALL - just turn up, with or without music, get up... and sing. Or just sit back and enjoy...

I will be going to Titanic tonight....and will post a review by next Monday.

Until then, have an entertaining weekend!


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Laurel Papworth said...

Hi Ella, where is Cabaroke please? Is it part of a hotel or well known bar?
Cheerio :)