Thursday, November 23, 2006

Great News...Tan Jose! Had two sold out nights at the Old Fitzroy! How fabulous are they.Where are you going to be next hey????

Remember to get along to the Statement Lounge under the State Theatre this weekend to see Saskia Smith...GIRL WITH A HEART OF GOLD
Saskia is fresh from THE TEMPEST where she played Ariel to John Bell's Prospero...she's an extraordinary talent!! Only Friday, Saturday night! 8pm. 30 bucks, just turn up. The food is really good there too.
Hi to Kath Perry who has just finished up THE HOLLOW with Barry Eaton et al in Manly....
Please encourage your friends to visit this blog and to comment on the shows...that is what will make this community work.
Think of it as a giant cafe without great coffee.......ok...make the coffee yourselves!!!

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