Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Where to start? I have seen KEATING, call the BELVOIR book for this, it is sensational!

Tonight I saw David Hawkins production of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH at the TOM MANN THEATRE SURRY HILLS David Bowie said this is "The most wholly rounded piece of ROCK theatre we have seen in years”
~ David Bowie

I was open mouthed, and for one of the 40% non gay member of the audience, there is no pun intended. Saskia Smith has joined this performance and continues to astound me with her depth and ability...what an incredible she a man? Wait and see. IOTA has won awards for his performance as HEDWIG and he gave and gave and gave until I just felt all I could do was sit there and absorb, not even react until joining the standing ovation.

Next Week SHORT SWEET AND SONG Starts at NIDA Artistic Director Avigail Herman told me tonight at HEDWIG that she was at rehearsals and the performances are phenomenal.

DON'T JUST SIT THERE...GO......Coming up in March....SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE...musical director GREG CREASE...Starring Tyran Parke and Amie McKenna. Tyran is one of the fabulous people behind STATEMENT CABARET (under the State Theatre) along with Alistair Thomson and Amanda Buckworth. Great talent doing amazing things. See Tyran at the Q THEATRE in SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE.

Why not give us your review of what you have seen? Isn't IOTA simply sensational? What about the brilliance of CASEY BENNETTO writing KEATING? Add your comments, tell your friends about this blog...get word spreading.

I am over people saying to me that I always seem to know what's this blog and see what's on and GOOOOOO!!!!! Thankyou

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