Sunday, March 11, 2007


Sunday in the Park with George is a love story of breathtaking beauty, blessed with great humour and humanity, written by Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics) and book by James Lapine.

The story begins in Paris in 1884 with the creation of Georges Seurat’s masterpiece, “A Sunday on la Grande Jatte” and ends with an emotional reconciliation one hundred years later

In its first season, Sunday in the Park with George was nominated for multiple Tony Awards, won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical
and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The Q Theatre Company is proud to present the first major production of this groundbreaking musical in Australia. It's a brave's's about looks like it cost a motza to put on...and it's in Penrith, which to everyone I've spoken to it about east of the Anzac Bridge is tantamount to putting it on in Perth. Shame that. It's a great venue, and it's only 90 minutes from the city (M5, M7, M4 people....don't look it up on whereis...that will take you via Gosford!!! he he he he )

Tyran Parke is such a wonderful George and Amie McKenna is a quizzical Dot....the whole cast played together brilliantly. It's a love story, about an artist and his muse/model/girlfriend Dot...and the artists obsession with creating a painting that is full of colour and light. (it's a Georges Seurat thing...sorry I can't tell you more, but POINTILLISM as it's known, has never been my thang! Tyran apparently travelled the world when he was cast as George, Paris, New York, etc...researching for the role...good on him. I knew him for his Cabaret work and hadn't seem him in action, but I ached for him at times....he was so fragile and focussed...not having seen 'SITPWG' before, I have no one to compare him with. Amie McKenna (NIDA) will do SHAKESPEARES OTHELLO after this...she sings so beautifully and is so wonderfully expressive. (there I go, showing my lack of 'criticquing skills n that'. I Loiked it...a lot.

AS you know, I am not a critic, so forgive the lack of flowery language, also as you know, I don't get out much so I know nothing about most things......but I only tell you about stuff that is good, so I don't have to focus on negative stuff. I saw this last Thursday night, and every day, I think a little more about it. I didn't find the songs memorable, or hummable, but the storyline is quite mesmerising, visually, the show is stunning, the music played by an orchestra backstage conducted by Greg Crease, is just wonderful. It was opening night and milling around in the 'fwayay' were a cast of every production staged in this wide brown land...

Congratulations to the Q Theatre's David Hollywood, Joshua Mason, Andrew Kinch, David Betteridge and Teague Gore, and cast members, Yyani-Rose Cook-Williams, Nick Chrsito, Laurence Coy, Trisha Crowe, Phillip Dodd, Natalie Gamsu, Luke Joslin, Barry Langrishe, Aimee-Lee Druett, Claire McCallum, Drayton Moreley, Jennifer Peers, Sam Pembroke, Buster Skeggs, Alessandra Bizzanelli, Kayla Bonnici, and Gabby Rowe.
You must go!!!

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