Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I went to the Kookaburra Theatre production of COMPANY last night at the Theatre Royal, in King Street Sydney. What a terrific feel good night! Sydney was cold and wet, but the cast warmed the theatre quickly. The buzz at interval was that this will be a hit, and one can only hope is supported by theatre audiences.

COMPANY is a classic midlife story about a single man of 35 (Robert - played by David Campbell) and his friends all wanting him to share the 'joys' of marriage. While the billboards promote the sensational Campbell and Tamsin Carroll (known from her sellout tour as DUSTY, but in this role playing MARTA...a quasi Cabaret style boho chic New Yorker...and she is just soooo good in this role) The rest of the cast should be on the billboards too, but of course, this is Australia...and unless you've been on Home and Away....the audiences just won't recognise you!!!

Every single one of the cast was sensational under the direction of Gale Edwards Simon Burke, Natalie Alexopoulos, Trisha Crowe, Rodney Dobson, Pippa Grandison, Scott Irwin, Anne Looby, James Millar, Chelsea Plumley, Katrina Retallick, Christie Whelan & William Zappa.

Anne Looby, who hasn't been at the Theatre Royal since she did the Rocky Horror Show there 23 years ago...played the most fabulous cynic..a thrice married sexpot with a biting wit. Pippa Grandison (she of many roles, but I will never forget her Philadelphia Cream Cheese ad where she appeared as an angel) is terrific as the stoned goody-two-shoes who finally says 'kiss my ass'. Christie Whelan plays the dumb blonde air hostess girlfriend of Campbell and has some of the best comic timing I've seen since Lucille Ball and Chloe Dallimore. Katrina Retallick is biting with a sly drinking Simon Burke as her husband...all in white, and Chelsea Plumley's GETTING MARRIED TODAY is a shining star of the show. They were all just wonderful. Get along to see this show....

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